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About Us

Our purpose is to inspire and mobilize those with a heart for protecting the sanctity of human life. We hope to encourage the prolife individual who may be questioning their impact to know unequivocally you can make a difference. There is strength in numbers. Together we can accomplish great things, starting with simply supporting our local pregnancy care centers.

Cling-to-LifeTM Campaign

We have all read the window clings on the car in front of us. The messages on vehicles reflect the individuality of the driver and family as well as what they value. The “Cling to Life” campaign is an effective and trendy way to promote and support the sanctity of human life. Not only will each cling be an encouragement to others in your community who also value life, but each “Let It Develop” cling that you see on the road represents a supporter of a pregnancy care center. Every day these centers serve to protect the lives of the unborn and offer hope and encouragement to the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. It is a simple way for those who are prolife to become proactive.

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