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Ways to Help

Women and men facing unexpected pregnancies are not strangers to us. You know them well. They are our neighbors, classmates, friends and family. All too often they are forced to deal with the uncertainty of an unexpected pregnancy alone. During that time they may need someone to turn to for help.
Will you be that someone? If you have a heart for ministry and want to help reach people in your community with a life-affirming message of hope and support, you are encouraged to contact your local CPC to find out how you can offer your services.
You don’t have to wave a sign or argue with your friends if you have a passion for protecting the unborn—There are many ways that you can partner with the mission and vision of your local pregnancy center.

We believe that prayer is vital to these ministries. Please lift the work of our local centers up in prayer.

As non-profit organizations, these centers rely on the generosity of individual supporters and private foundations to carry out their mission. Contact them directly with any specific needs they may have.

These centers are reliant on volunteers to carry out their important work and provide needed services to their local communities. Call your local center to learn more about becoming a volunteer in your community.

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